4 Pack Marielle Bra® - The Ultimate comfort Bra. Premium Quality Thick Material - Guaranteed Best On The Market Seamless Support Comfort Stretch Action S-XXXXL!

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Manufacturer Description

ALL PICTURES ARE COPYRIGHT BY Marielle. Marielle is a Trademarked branded product with retail packaging. What Makes The Marielle Bra So Comfortable? The Marielle is made of a woven, comfortable stretch fabric giving you that wonderful seamless & tagless design. The fabric is a unique blend of 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex giving an amazing 4-way stretch and a super soft feel. Key Features and Benefits:- Maximum coverage ideal for under low cut tops and dresses. Gives you the support you need with no under wires, no hooks, no adjusting straps and no hassle. The bra's secret is in the circular knit, comfort stretch fabric that custom conforms to any size and never loses its shape. It's great for expectant mums and makes the perfect sleep bra. Wide comfort lift band eliminates the need for under wires. Designed to move to your shape without losing its form. It's like having your very own custom made bra. Doubles as a camisole too for a smooth, stylish appearance Not only does our bra look great, it's easy to clean too. Just throw it in the washer and dryer and the beauty Bra bounces right back to its original shape Over 80 per cent of women don't own a bra that fits them properly but there is no need to worry about this with the Marielle bra. You'll look lifted; feel sexier, and more confident. No more back fat or unsightly top bulging. The perfect uplift fit that moulds to your body giving you the ideal cup size every time. Machine washable. OUR BRAS ARE THE 'BEST ON AMAZON' WE ARE KNOWN TO SEND OUT BRAS THAT ARE FINISHED TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD (ALL DOUBLE STITCHED) OTHER SELLERS SELL A CHEAPER VERSIONS WITH ROLLED-OVER UNFINISHED HEMS. THESE SEEM FINE AT FIRST BUT COME AWAY AFTER SEVERAL WASHES....LOOK OUT FOR THE TINY THREADS THAT WILL FRAY IF PULLED. EVENTUALLY THE BOTTOM SEAM WILL UNRAVEL WITH WASH AND WEAR. WE DO NOT SELL THESE, THIS APPLIES TO ALL MARIELLE PRODUCTS. Recommended for sizes up to DD, our larger sizes will fit bigger busts but will offer less support.

Product Features

Totally seamless, Stretches and retains its shape. Do you want to stop your daily struggle with uncomfortable bras? Are you constantly struggling with your straps? Do your under wires dig into your skin? Do your bras prevent you from looking your best? Perfect for Teens through to Seniors - Ribbed Band for a Snug Fit - These are the unpadded version (We also sell the padded), the unpadded bras do offer great support however if you after extra support we would recommend the padded verison. WE SIZE OUR BRAS TO FIT SNUGLY, FOR MAXIMUM SUPPORT. IF YOU ARE IN-BETWEEN SIZES, OR HAVE A LARGE BUST WE RECOMMEND GOING UP A SIZE You'll look lifted; feel sexier, and more confident!! No more back fat or unsightly top bulging. The perfect uplift fit that moulds to your body giving you the ideal cup size every time Premium Quality Thick Material - Guaranteed Best Seamless Bra On The Market Seamless Support Comfort Sport Stretch. 96% nylon 4% spandex - Highest Quality Possible, we only sell the highest qrade with the finest materials used, we offer a full money back Warranty. If you find our bras not as supportive as you like can we advise you try 'Doubling them up'? This is a great tip and offer much better support. These are UNPADDED, however we do offer a padded version these can be found here:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Marielle-Ultimate-comfort-Premium-Material/dp/B01GVDISB2/ref=lp_2793532031_1_13?srs=2793532031&ie=UTF8&qid=1466752542&sr=8-13

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