(Designed in Britain-Handmade Real Wood Handle-Optional) Balios® Double Canopy Umbrella Auto Open & Close Vented Windproof Fiberglass Frame --300Thread Finest Fabric--Uniquely Strong--Men's & Ladies

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Manufacturer Description

What makes Balios umbrella a great umbrella? There is really no magic about it - it is merely patient attention to detail. Pick up a Balios umbrella and you will immediately sense that it is a different kind of umbrella. With its sturdy frame construction and exquisite design, our Balios umbrella is the perfect combination of durability and metropolitan style.

This design also comes with a 100% handmade real wood handle (EU design patent granted: 003381128). An ultimately luxury umbrella with classic appeal and contemporary aesthetic.

Main Features:

?Revolutionary construction designed to battle the elements: high grade black hardened steel shaft for a heavy-duty foundation & unique thickened premium fiberglass wind-resistant frame system, offering great durability.

?Vented double canopy --specially engineered to help resisting windy conditions.

?Superior ultra-soft & ultra-lightweight 300T high-density water repellent fabric keeps you dry and protected from the rain. It is the finest fabric ever used in any umbrella and dries very quickly.

?Opens and closes easily at the press of a button. Press the same button to correct the ribs if the umbrella ever inverts.

?Luxury handcrafted real wood handle with finger-notches for ultimate holding comfort.

?Approximate weight: 395g excluding zippered sleeve OR 415g including zippered sleeve.

?Approximate 35cm long when closed.

?Approximate 100cm span when open.

Package Contents:

?1 x Balios® auto open & close umbrella

?1 x 3-Layer matching sleeve with quality zipper and inner protection.

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Balios. Making Proper Umbrellas.

Product Features

?IMPROVED STURDY CONSTRUTRUCTION+PURE AESTHETIC BEAUTY?-Based in Berkshire England, Balios is all about good quality and contemporary authentic beauty. Our auto open & close umbrella has undergone a number of structural frame improvements in the past to make it more wind resilient. We offer ONE YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY on our umbrellas, if the brolley should fail to function properly for any reason whatsoever during this period, we will gladly repair or replace it for FREE. ?UNIQUELY STRONG FRAME WITH PREMIUM FIBERGLASS & HIGH GRADE STEEL?-As many as 146 painstaking steps and 12 points of inspection are used to produce a single Balios umbrella. The result is a product with durability, quality and great performance. Our unique frame is composed of high-grade steel and premium fiberglass. ?We use a black high grade hardened 50T (in thickness) steel as umbrella shaft (others use 30T to 40T steel or aluminium), creating a heavy duty foundation of rigidity and strength. ? Each improved rib is reinforced with high-density thickened fiberglass ligaments (2.3mm & 4.2mm) to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds. The ribs will bend and flex in windy conditions so not to easily break or invert, even if the canopy blows inside out during sudden gusts, it can be easily flipped back into position without damaging the frame. ? Thickened high grade steel is used as the top part of the frame for its great wind resilience. (Please refer to our product images.) ?VENTED DOUBLE CANOPY & FINEST 300T WATER-REPELLENT FABRIC?--Our Balios® umbrella features VENTED DOUBLE CANOPY constructions which allows strong wind to vent between layers. ?The water-repellent canopy is constructed of 300 thread count per inch high-density fabric (the most tightly woven & the finest fabric ever used in any umbrellas) to offer maximum protection from precipitation. It is also treated with special water-repellent outer coating. Dries very quickly with luxurious feel. ?3-ACTION FAST AUTO OPEN + CLOSE BUTTON & ANTI-SLIP HANDLE?-Press the button to open within a second. ONE SECOND ONE HAND OPERATION. ?Press the same button to CLOSE the canopy quickly and then push both ends towards the centre until it clicks to lock the umbrella.?If the umbrella ever inverts, just press again and the ribs will automatically correct themselves to closed position. ?Our gorgeous handle features elegant imitation wood and rubber-coated holder with ergonomic anti-slip design.

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