Vorfreude Floor Mop with Integrated Spray and Lifetime Guarantee – Included Refillable 700 Milliliter Capacity Bottle and Reusable Microfibre Pad

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Manufacturer Description

Vorfreude ® Lifetime Guarantee Redemption
If your bought Vorfreude ® item ever cannot fulfill your expectations we will expedite a total replacement. To redeem; please simply call us with the Amazon contact kind: https://amazon.co.uk/gp/help/contact-seller/contact-seller.html?marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&sellerID=A35F3S6F5AQI4Z After troubleshooting the old item, a replacement is sent out free of charge. The replacement will always be brand-new and direct from Amazon. We never send out replacement parts that need restoring work.Troubleshooting Tips *

All mops offered by Vorfreude ®
are brand-new and evaluated at the factory with pure water to ensure operation. Any remaining pure water in the mop or sprayer is completely safe. * To fill the 700ml liquid container eliminate with a company pull, do not twist or squeeze. Fill and return the bottle making sure it safely clicks into place or the sprayer will not work. The tight fit ensures the seal will not come loose from vigorous mopping. * After refilling it may take up to 30 pulls of the lever to prime the lines and start spraying.Cleaning Solution Tips Utilizing natural active ingredients and essential oils givesthe entire home a tidy, fresh
aroma AND gets rid of dirt, bacteria and bacteria. Save money, improve your body immune system and lift your mood.No-Rinse Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe This is one of the easiest house cleansing dishes ever-just make it right in your kitchen area sink! It truly cuts into grease and grime, and it

kills any bacteria or bacteria captured residing on your floorings. Plus, it smells awesome! Fill the Vorfreude ® bottle with; * 1/4 white vinegar * 3/4 filtered or pure water * Optionally include 15 drops of a necessary oil.That's it -just wash and let dry. No fuss, no muss, and it works on all floorings. You'll
LOVE this dish! Do not over-spray

Product Features

SAVES TIME - The Vorfreude® Microfibre Spray Mop cold steam cleaning quickly, easily, and safely cleans your; kitchen, hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, or concrete floors. The mop can be used as a dry duster with the swiveling head. The simple ergonomic trigger is an easier wet mop. SAVES EARTH - The 42cm by 14 cm cleaning surface is 100% machine washable and reusable. The quality metal pole construction is sturdy, reliable and durable. It includes a perfectly sized reusable and PBA free 700ml bottle to allows for longer cleaning while ensuring the mop stays light weight. SAVE MONEY - Save money with this 100% reusable cleaning system that does NOT require; batteries, disposable pads, or cleaning liquids. The microfiber pad has millions of microscopic fibers that grab dirt, dust, hair, and moisture and reach deep into cracks to pick up more grime than flat disposables. CLEANING SOLUTION OPTIONS - Choose the best cleaning solution for your needs. This spray mop can clean with simple water in a cold steam pattern, or add any cleaning solution. Try environmentally friendly cleaning with lemon or essential oils in water, or you may use the strongest chemicals.

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